Revealed: Top five signs you've reached 'financial maturity' according to poll

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15th October 2019 17:43 - Financial Services

Revealed: Top 5 signs you've reached 'financial maturity': Have you reached financial maturity? A survey of UK adults has revealed the top indicators that you have - with having a regularly paid-into savings account the top sign for two thirds of respondents (66%). 

The research by lender, Zopa, asked respondents about the key indicators signalling that a person had become financially mature, with a pension plan selected by more than half of those polled (55%) and 'shopping around' before buying goods (53%) ranking in second and third places respectively.

Never going into an overdraft (49%) and paying off credit card bills every month (45%) made up the top five with other indicators including using loyalty cards (45%), having a 'rainy-day' fund and knowing what your bank balance is at any given time (40%).

The poll of 2,000 UK adults also found that not lending to friends if you know you'd be unlikely to get it back (37%) as well as choosing a packed lunch over eating out at work (31%) were tell tale signs that a person had reached financial maturity. 

Men, found the poll, are likely to feel in control of their finances by age 29, while for women it was a little later, at age 33. The survey also revealed that by their mid thirties, Brits were spending less money on going out socially than when they were younger, while 57% of over 35s said they are more likely to spend an evening at home rather than going out. 

Top 10 signs you’re financially mature, according to Zopa's poll

1. A savings account you regularly pay into

2. Pension plan

3. Shopping around for the best deals

4. Not needing to use an overdraft

5. Paying off credit card bills every month

6. Using loyalty cards

7. Saving in a “rainy day” fund

8. Knowing you bank balance at any given time 

9. Not lending to friends if you think you're not likely to get it back

10. Taking a packed lunch to work

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