Survey Finds Many British Motorists Fine with Making False Insurance Claims

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19th March 2013 16:47 - Financial Services


An online survey by GoCompare has questioned 1,264 people their opinions on insurance claims and discovered a worrying trend.

Despite the fact that 66% of the motorists surveyed believe that the high number of false claims in the UK is driving up car insurance premiums – it was discovered that a surprising amount of people are willing to make fraudulent claims if they have the opportunity.

More than 6% of the respondents (which equates to 1.7 million out of 28 million motorists in the UK) admitted they would make a personal injury claim, even if they knew they weren’t badly hurt.

In addition, the equivalent of 1.1 million motorists believe that it is fine for people to do whatever they can to get money out of insurers.

A spokesperson for online price comparison site commented on the GoCompare survey findings: “These statistics are particularly worrying as false insurance claims are driving up our car insurance premiums year on year. Not only are false claims adding costs to insurance but they’re also illegal and if you are found to be lying you could face a fine or prison.”


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