Survey: Majority Of Finance Professionals Regard E-Mail As Best Form Of Business Communication

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1st April 2014 11:25 - Financial Services

Despite the rapid rise of social media including the likes of Facebook and Twitter, 88% of IT and finance professionals still have e-mails ranked number one as the best way to receive business information, while the popularity in paper seems to be on the downfall. This is according to a survey conducted by business automation software provider, V1, which explored variations on how different generations prefer to receive business information.

The survey asked recipients to classify themselves by their generation as either baby boomers (born in the 1940s and 50s), Generation X (born in the 60s and 70s) or Generation Y (born in the 80s and 90s). Results showed some notable similarities in attitudes and trends to digital communications between the age groups.

The older employees rated Twitter as least important with 56% giving it the lowest score possible and 55% scoring Facebook likewise. Generation Y also ranked Facebook as their least popular with 53% giving it a low score and the younger employees also gave paper a low rating with 42% followed by Generation X who gave it 33% and baby boomers 31%.

All generations selected e-mail as their preferred choice of receiving information and with each scoring social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook as low importance, with all the age groups rating Twitter and Facebook as their two least preferred ways of receiving information.

The survey also revealed a number of other IT trends differentiating the generations. For instance, baby boomers spend an average of ninety minutes online for business purposes, with an additional fifty-seven minutes a day for social use. Generation X, the figures were 140 minutes for business and fifty-five for social; while Generation Y spend 167 minutes a day on business purposes and 107 minutes for non-business.

The middle aged group were most likely to have a LinkedIn account (56%), suggesting they may see networking more important than any other generation. Younger employees were least likely to use LinkedIn at 42% and the elder generation 47%. Generation Y at 56% were the biggest users of Facebook, followed by Generation X (39%) and the boomers at 28% were least likely to use it.
Overall, Twitter was the least popular of the social media category with Generation X having the highest amount of users (28%), Generation Y second (22%) and the boomers last with 19%.

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