Two-fifths of people are concerned about pressure to socialise post lockdown due to financial restrictions, finds survey

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16th April 2021 09:39 - Financial Services

Two-fifths of people are concerned about pressure to socialise post lockdown due to financial restrictions: As the UK begins to open up again following the third national lockdown, a survey has found that 38.1% are feeling 'concerned' over pressure from friends and family to go out and socialise one again when they can't afford to do so.

The KIS Finance survey polled 2,000 UK respondents in March this year, finding that those aged 18-24 are most concerned about pressure to socialise when they can't afford it (52.8%), with the level of concern decreasing as people get older.

According to the research, people in London are the most concerned about the pressure to go out (49%), followed by South East England (47.8%), Central England (32.8%) and Northern England (32.7%). People in Wales were the least concerned (27.7%), followed by South West England (28.9%) and Scotland (30.2%).

The survey also found that the fear of losing their job in the coming months was also a concern for many people (34.3%). Almost a fifth of respondents (18%) said they are worried that the business they work for will not survive when restrictions are lifted, while 16.3% said they are worried about facing unemployment when the government’s furlough scheme ends in September.

Londoners are most concerned about losing their job found the survey (52.3%), followed by those in the South East (46.8%) and Scotland (34.6%). Nearly a third of people in Northern Ireland have concerns (34.2%), followed by Northern England (28.8%), Wales (27.8%), South West England (21.2%) and Central England (18.8%).

The research also found that more than one in 10 people have concerns over payment holidays coming to an end in July (11.2%), with younger people (18-24 years) feeling this concern the most (20.2%).

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