Worst City for Car Insurance Quotes is Birmingham, says Market Research

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27th June 2014 14:28 - Financial Services

In a nation-wide study, Birmingham has come out as the worst place to live when it comes to car insurance quotes, occupying the top 10 most expensive postcodes.

In Birmingham’s worst postcode for motor insurance – B9 – it costs £1,101.62 to cover a BMW 3 Series, seven times more than in Aberdeen (£157) – the country’s cheapest city for insurance.

Postcodes surrounding James Turner Street – as featured on channel 4’s programme ‘Benefits Street’ – occupied the remaining top 10 positions: B10, B11, B66, B8, B21, B12, B19, B5 and B18.

All in all, Birmingham filled 22 of the top 100 postcodes. Other high premium areas include:

  • Liverpool (17/100)
  • East London (12/100)
  • Manchester (11/100)
  • North London (9/100)
  • South East London (7/100)
  • Bradford (6/100)

Behind Aberdeen, as the cheapest cities for car insurance, were: Plymouth, Bristol, Oxford, Edinburgh and Carlisle.

Fabricated whiplash claims are the driving force behind high premiums and, unsurprisingly given the above findings around insurance prices, Birmingham also took up the top five spots for the highest number of third party injury claims – B8, B12, B10, B9 and B6.

Other cities with high third party injury claims include Bradford – with four of the top 20 postcodes – followed by Manchester (3/20), Liverpool (1/20) and London (1/20).

Aberdeen, the cheapest city for car insurance, had three postcodes in the top 20 lowest areas for third party injury claims.

This research was conducted by SmartWitness Incident Cameras.

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