Young females don’t think they can work their way to the top in finance

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9th June 2015 15:59 - Financial Services

According to a PwC survey of 8,000 women from all over the world (600 of whom work in finance), the majority of the women in finance do not Young females don’t think they can work their way to the top in financethink that they will be able to work their way to the top of the career ladder.

Of the respondents, just 35 per cent of 20 to 35 year old women believe that they will be able to secure senior positions within their current workplace. This figure translates to less than half of the amount of men who feel that they’re able to make it to the top and much lower than the 49 per cent of women across all of the industry sectors.

As well as this, approximately 50 per cent of women in finance feel that promotions are biased towards men, as opposed to just 20 per cent of men who said they feel the same, which indicated that there’s a less serious perception of bias towards men, within the gender who benefit from it.

Of the young women in financial roles, around 75 per cent said that their companies were still not equal.

However, some individuals now support the idea of quotas on boards and within senior management.

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