Brits drink two bathtubs of tea per year, survey reveals

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12th May 2015 13:31 - Food

A recent survey, commissioned by Contact the Elderly, has found that the average British person consumes 884 cups of tea every year – Brits drink two bathtubs of tea per year, survey revealsenough to fill two bathtubs.

The survey also found that the amount of tea British people consumes increases with age. The respondents over 55 drank an average of 21 cups of tea every week, as opposed to the 18 to 24 age bracket, which drank an average of 8 cups per week.

When looking at what emotions cause people to put on the kettle, the survey found that 24 per cent of those aged 18 to 25 drink tea when they are sad. Just 11 per cent of the 55 and over age bracket said the same.

The survey also discovered that approximately 1 in 3 women drink tea when they are ill, to make them feel better. Of the men, just 16 per cent did the same.

The top reason for enjoying a cup of tea, among the different demographics, was to relax, with 65 per cent claiming to drink tea to wind down. Of all the respondents, 58 per cent said that they associated tea with comfort.

Contact the Elderly holds tea parties for older people every month, in the homes of 7,500 volunteers across the United Kingdom. The charity commissioned the research to mark 50 years of the monthly tradition.

CEO of Contact the Elderly, Mary Rance, said of the survey: "This research confirms that tea really is part of our national identity.”

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