Research discovers that 1 in 7 consume more alcohol than water

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12th August 2015 16:36 - Food

According the findings of a recent study by SodaStream, 15 per cent (or one in seven) admitted to drinking more alcohol than water.Research discovers that 1 in 7 consume more alcohol than water

The survey also discovered that 4,000,000 British people have not drunk a glass of water in more than a week. As well as this less than 25 per cent of the British adults in the survey routinely consume the recommended two litres of water a day, with 27 per cent of people not knowing what the recommended daily water intake is.

Of the 1,000 respondents in the survey, 52 per cent choose to have tea or coffee instead, with nearly a third (30 per cent) feeling that they need caffeine more than they need water. As well as this, 38 per cent of British people think that water is a boring option.

However, some people are aware of the health benefits which drinking plenty of water can bring, with 43 per cent believing that water makes them feel more energetic, 40 per cent thinking that it improves their skin complexion, 40 per cent believing that it makes their skin glow and 43 per cent saying that drinking lots of water decreases their food cravings, with some respondents highlighting that they sometimes mistake the feeling of thirst and dehydration with pangs of hunger.

54 per cent of the respondents said that they wish that they drank more water.

General Practitioner, Dr Ellie Cannon, said of findings:

“Water is the healthiest way to hydrate; it energises us, aids digestion and weight loss and improves the complexion to name just a few of the benefits.

“Despite this, many people are drinking far less than they should and their health could be suffering as a result.

“One in five GP visits in the UK are down to tiredness and fatigue. It is thought that dehydration could be a culprit in over 12 per cent of cases.

“Simple tricks like adding a little sparkle to your water can help encourage you to drink more water every day and you'll be feeling healthier and re-energised before you know it.”

As well as Cannon, Fiona Hope, Managing Director of SodaStream, commented:

“The perception that water is boring isn't necessarily surprising, but it’s worrying to see the extent people are neglecting such a vital part of their diet.

“Our goal has always been to revolutionise the way people drink water and with our Hydrate the Nation campaign we wanted to highlight how easy and refreshing it can be to hydrate with sparkling water.”

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