Survey finds Britons want more information on food labels

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21st July 2015 14:59 - Food

A recent survey has discovered that 47 per cent of people in the United Kingdom want companies and brand to put more information on food packaging, for example, food safety guidance and also information about ingredients.

Further to this, 44 per cent said that putting more information on packaging - namely, where the ingredients were sourced and how they’ve been used - would increase the amount of trust that consumers have towards food manufacturers. As well as this, 33 per cent said that featuring the name of the farmer or producer on the packaging would further promote trust.

When asked about what Brits finds concerning, in terms of food production, 85 per cent said that they were worried about the presence of harmful bacteria in their food and drink. Similarly, 85 per cent were concerned with the standard of hygiene when food manufacturers prepare food and drink.

As well as this 77 per cent said that they were worried about the levels of hormones in livestock and 75 per cent said they were concerned with the medicine and antibiotics which livestock are given.

However, it’s not just further information on packaging that would increase consumers’ trust, 50 per cent said that they would trust food and drink manufacturers more if companies use transparent, clear labelling, allowing the contents of the packaging to be seen. The same percentage said that they would trust a food and drink company more if packaging had a food quality assurance logo clearly labelled.

The study also revealed that consumers do not strictly abide by best before and use by dates, with 67 per cent stating that they do not rely on the dates, they rely on their own senses - such as smell, taste and sight - to see if food is still okay to consume.

56 per cent of the consumers in the study said they believe that it is safe to consume food when it is past its best before date, despite the date being a guide for quality not food safety.

Just 28 per cent said that it is safe to eat food past its use by date, which is actually a health risk.

However, despite the survey revealing that consumers are worried about food safety, only 35 per cent of the respondents said that they have consulted their friends or family about their concerns and just 28 said that they have searched the internet for answers relating to their food safety queries.

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