15 per cent of homeowners in the UK think their house is haunted, Halloween poll finds

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31st October 2014 10:55 - Housing

A Halloween poll by Ocean Finance has found that 15 per cent of UK homeowners think that their home is haunted.

The findings showed that approximately 47 per cent of those surveyed sensed a ‘presence’ in their house, while 29 per cent admitted that they’d sensed unearthly chills around the property and 16 per cent had in fact seen a ghost there.

Of the sample, one fifth admitted witnessing belongings move in their home. This ranged from seeing objects fly around a room to discovering items in places they had not put them.

However, these hauntings are not something to gloat about. Ocean Finance found that 30 per cent of people would reconsider buying a property if someone had recently deceased there.

Just less than a quarter (23%) would be put off buying a house if it was close to a graveyard and 9 per cent would not purchase a house if its address was 13.

Of the more superstitious people, 26 per cent claimed to be interested in buying a house because of the aura. 77 per cent of these claimed to have sensed a positive aura, whilst 23 per cent sensed a negative one.

People’s decisions to buy a home were influenced by the aura felt. 58% had been encouraged to buy whilst 20% were dissuaded.

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