7 out of 10 people in the UK would prefer housing development on brownfield sites, according to survey

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21st November 2019 13:58 - Housing

7 out of 10 people in the UK would prefer housing development on brownfield sites: A survey of UK adults has found that the vast majority (70%) would prefer the development of housing estates to be on brownfield sites. 

The research, conducted by Copper Consultancy, a specialist in infrastructure and developments communications, polled 1,600 people, asking them about their views on housing developments and the needs of the community. 

As well as brownfield sites, when asked the question: "What factors make housing developments acceptable?' half the respondents polled (50%) said they would support greenfield developments if local infrastructure was improved, while 49% said they would if it offered affordable housing. Just over a third (35%) said they would be more supportive of a project if the design was in keeping with the look of the existing area. Just 12% said they would prefer a ‘garden community’ type development in the countryside that was supported by its own infrastructure.

Overall, more than half of those polled (55%) said they were in support of new development in their local area, while a third (32%) were in opposition. More than a tenth (13%) of respondents said they do not hold a view on future development of their area. 

However, if the building was to be on greenfield sites the respondents in favour dropped to just over a quarter (27.5%).

Views were shown to vary depending upon political leanings with 64% of labour voters supporting new housing developments in their area, compared to 54% of Liberal Democrats and 48% of Conservative voters. 

Support for the protection of green spaces was high across respondents polled with Liberal Democrats (59%) the most in support, followed by Labour (57%) and Conservative (54%) voters. Support for  the building of affordable homes was greater amongst Labour voters (65%) followed by Lib Dems (46%) and then Conservative (43%). 

The two primary concerns of respondents when asked about development  was the impact on green spaces and the impact on existing infrastructure (29% to 28% respectively). 

One in six people (16%) polled said that developing land in their local area for housing would bring no benefits.

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