84% of renters are ‘satisfied’ with their accommodation, survey finds

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23rd August 2018 11:23 - Housing

84% of renters are ‘satisfied’ with their accommodation: A survey using data from 13,000 households has found the majority of private renters (84%) are ‘satisfied’ with the properties they rent, and 72 percent are satisfied with how their landlord maintains the property and carries out repairs.
In contrast, the survey shows less than a fifth (17%) are 'dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their landlord’s service. 
The English Housing Survey – which is in its 50th year – monitors the conditions of housing and circumstances of people, as well as the energy efficiency of homes across England. 
The survey once again shows the shift from home ownership. Where twenty years ago, just 16% of people aged 35 -44 were living in privately rented accommodation, today almost one in four (24%) rent their homes. 
Of the private renters polled.  60% expect to buy a home of their own at some point in the future compared to 30% who were in social rentals. 
The survey noted a great reduction in the number of damp properties and fewer properties were recorded as being in a state of disrepair. In terms of energy efficiency, privately rented homes also saw an increase in status as did the number of homes classified ‘non-decent’ with numbers plummeting from 47% in 2006 to a significantly improved 27% in 2016. 
In terms of what renters spend on their property, the survey found private renters spend more of their household income on housing costs (34%) than those in social rentals (28%)
“It shows once again that the vast majority of private sector landlords do a good job and look after their properties and tenants properly,” said David Smith, policy director for the Residential Landlords Association. 

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