Almost One Third of Tenants Dissatisfied with their Landlord, Market Research Reveals

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12th September 2014 11:17 - Housing

More than three in 10 tenants are dissatisfied with their landlord, according to the Housing Partners’ 2014 Big Tenant Survey.

Of the 61,000 tenants questioned, around one sixth (17.5%) said they were “dissatisfied” with their landlord, and 13.6% said they were “very dissatisfied.”

In comparison, almost three in 10 (28.5%) said they were “satisfied” and 15.4% said they were “very satisfied.” The remaining one quarter (25%) were neutral.

When asked about their satisfaction around specific areas, 28% of the survey’s respondents said they were dissatisfied with the quality of their homes, one quarter (24%) were unhappy with their area as a place to live and one fifth (22%) said they were not proud of their home - tenants in the North West (60%), generally, were prouder of their homes than people in Greater London (49%).

Furthermore, just under one third of the tenants questioned did not think that their rent represented value for money.

The study also highlighted that landlords are not communicating well enough with their tenants. More than two fifths (44%) of the survey’s respondents were dissatisfied with how their landlord listened to them and acted upon their views - one quarter (24%) were “very dissatisfied” and one fifth (20%) were “dissatisfied.” Around three in 10 (31.9%) were either “satisfied” or “very satisfied.”

In addition, almost half (46.8%) of the tenants included in the survey do not believe their tenant cares about them or their family.

And, finally, just one quarter (25%) of the study’s participants said they fully understood the current welfare reforms, and more than two fifths (42%) of those receiving full housing benefits said they were anxious about having their rent paid straight to them instead of their landlord.

Richard Blundell, CEO of Housing Partners, spoke: “The most important opinions in our sector belong to tenants. We believe that by giving a voice to the UK’s millions of social housing residents, we can establish better channels of communication between them, their Landlords and Government, and help to restore the all-important trust in that relationship.”

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