Almost a fifth of social landlords say there is 'room for improvement' when it comes to managing their estate, reveals survey

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2nd March 2020 15:18 - Housing

Almost a fifth of social landlords say there is 'room for improvement' when it comes to managing their estate: A survey to find out more about how social landlords are running their properties has found that almost a fifth of those polled (18.9%) believe there is 'room for improvement'. This compares to 40.7% who said that their organisation manages its estate efficiently and successfully 'most of the time', and a quarter (24.7%) who said 'yes' they are confident the estate is managed effectively. A further 13.1% said their organisation manages its estate 'somewhat' successfully, while 2.7% said they do not. 

The research by Inside Housing (sponsored by utilities supplier, Monarch Partners) had responses from 426 sector professionals -  80% of whom work for housing associations. 

When it comes to energy and helping to reduce bills for tenants, the survey found that the majority of landlords (62%) are confident that their organisation's billing accurately represents the amount of energy being used in communal areas, while 14% said they do not believe bills are accurate in this area. 

Almost a third of respondents (31%) said their organisation uses a system to gain accurate information on energy use from tenants, while 6% said they have plans to implement such a system in the next year. Such a system could help tenants look at how they are using their utilities over a number of months, as well as enabling a landlord to see the efficiency of its assets such as boilers and lighting. 

When asked if their association has an energy strategy in place for becoming carbon neutral, the majority answered 'don't know' (32.6%), closely followed by 31.2% who said their organisation is 'working on it' and will have a plan in place within the next 12 months. One in ten (10.9%) said that they already have an energy strategy plan in place for the next decade, while 6.4% said they do for the next five years. Almost a fifth of participants (19.2%) said their organisation does not have an energy strategy plan in place at all. 

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