Build homes for all ages and abilities say 72% of UK adults

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26th February 2019 17:03 - Housing

Build homes for all ages and abilities say 72% of UK adults: A survey has found that more than seven in ten UK adults (72%) believe that new homes should be constructed so that that they are viable for a range of ages and abilities. 

The charity, the Centre for Ageing Better has called for an overhaul of existing housing policy to ensure new homes are ‘age proof’  built in a way that makes them accessible to all age groups.

Currently, many homes built by developers are falling short of being suitable for people as they age and 93% of existing homes fail to meet elementary accessibility standards.

Almost half of those polled aged 65+ said they worry about undertaking tasks such as cooking, bathing and everyday activities in the future, with a further 32% having concerns over someone else in their home being challenged by day-to-day tasks.

The research asked respondents to select the degree at which they would be happy to purchase a home with features often associated with an older demographic such as walk-in showers or handrails - as well as level access entrances. A third (33%) said they would be open to buying a home with accessibility features, while almost half (48%) said they would be neither encouraged or discouraged.

Looking at the younger age groups 25% of those aged 18-24 said they would be encouraged to buy a home built with accessibility in mind, as would 28% of 25-34 year olds. Around half said they were neither discouraged or encouraged.

Looking at their existing homes six in ten (61%) said their home would not be suitable for a person with a disability or an older relative.

Dr Anna Dixon, Chief Executive of the Centre for Ageing Better, said

“There is a big market for homes that everyone can live in, regardless of their age or ability. Our research shows a strong public appetite for age-proof homes which enable people to live active and fulfilling lives – whatever their situation.

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