EPC ratings improve over last decade but more needs to be done to reach net zero target, finds survey

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18th August 2021 18:08 - Housing

EPC ratings improve over last decade but more needs to be done to reach net zero target: The latest English Housing Survey (2019-20) has revealed that over the last 10 years the energy efficiency of homes (or the EPC rating) has improved - yet if England is to meet the government target for reaching net zero emissions by 2050, there is more that has to be done.

Looking at the highest EPC bands (A - C) there has been a significant improvement in the last decade, with 40% of homes in England now achieving this rating. This is up from12% of homes just a decade ago. In the private rented sector, this figure was 38% in 2019, up from, 13% in 2009. In owner-occupier homes 36% recorded a rating of A - C in the latest figures.

A target has been set that all new tenancies have an EPC rating of at least C by 2025.

Further down the bands, the latest survey found that just 3% of UK homes had an F or G rating in 2019, a fall of 9 percentage points since 2009 when 12% were in this category.

Whilst 40% of homes in England achieved a rating of A - C in the latest survey, it is believed that 57% of homes could be raised to this level through investment. The example given was that over two-thirds of dwellings with an EPC rating of D or below could be raised to band C with improvements at a cost of less than £10,000.

To boost home EPC ratings up to band C, the average spend would be £8,100 found the survey, with private rented dwellings coming in at £7,656 while mortgaged/owned homes were slightly more at £8,579.

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