Eight in ten housing association workers have experienced work-related stress, according to poll

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11th July 2019 13:18 - Housing

Eight in ten housing association employees have experienced work-related stress: A survey conducted on behalf of the Unite the Union has found that 80% of housing association workers across England and Wales have experienced stress relating to their work. 

The poll of 320 Housing Association employees revealed almost half believed that their working environment was not conducive to good mental health. 

Asking them about pay in their role, two-thirds felt that they were not fairly remunerated for the work that they do, believing their salaries have not increased in line with living costs in England and Wales. Forty-two percent said that they did not feel like a valued member of the team within their organisation.

Looking at how well their workplace is managed, four out of ten (41%) said that they did not feel their organisation was managed well. 

Siobhan Endean, national officer at Unite said of the survey results: “The survey’s findings are profoundly disturbing. It is clear workplace stress is at epidemic levels in housing associations and the working environment is damaging the mental well-being of staff."

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