Eight out of 10 housing association employees are satisfied with home working, reveals survey

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4th September 2020 11:18 - Housing

Eight out of 10 housing association employees are satisfied with home working: A survey of housing association workers has revealed that almost 80% are satisfied with working from home since homeworking was enforced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The research by Trent & Dove housing polled 795 workers from across six housing associations in England - asking them about their experiences since lockdown measures were enforced and how their employer has responded. 

While 79% of respondents said they were satisfied with working from home, just under one in 10 (9.2%) said they were dissatisfied.  

In terms of rating their employer's handling of the pandemic, the feedback was largely positive, with 93.8% saying they felt their organisation had reacted well and had adapted effectively. Almost nine out of 10 (88.2%) said that they personally had responded well to the changes and had adapted accordingly. 

Benefits and challenges 

Respondents were also asked about the benefits and challenges of working from home. Almost two-thirds (64.4%) said there were fewer distractions when not at the office, while 54.4% said they had more time available to engage in personal or family activities. Other benefits included 'frequent updates from their organisations' (50.3%), and more time to exercise (43.9%). 

Almost half the survey participants polled said that social isolation was one of the challenges faced when working from home (47.5%), followed by 'communication with co-workers' (36.7%), 'issues with physical workspaces' (36.4%) and 'maintaining positive mental health' (35.1%). 

Future of working

Looking to the future, eight out of 10 employees polled said they would like the opportunity to work at home more (79.5%) - with just over a third (36.6%) feeling that a central office would be necessary.

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