Empty homes need filling, survey finds

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1st December 2014 12:25 - Housing

Of the 2,000 people in Britain polled, 78 per cent have disclosed that they want to see Government making a greater effort to fill empty homes.

The findings came from a recent Halifax survey, in conjunction with the National Empty Homes Agency.

The survey, which was conducted as part of National Empty Homes Week, also revealed that 74 per cent of those questioned believe that the responsibility of tackling the issue lies with their local authority, as opposed to central government.

Also, 36 per cent felt that empty houses spoilt the aesthetics of their local community.

The findings also revealed that the sample of those living in England are not completely aware of the extent of the empty housing problem in their country.

The adults surveyed, who lived in England, approximated that there was an average of 377,000 empty houses in England. However, data from the Empty Homes Agency reveal that the number of empty properties is in fact over 610,000.

The CEO of the Empty Homes Agency has claimed: “There appears to be widespread recognition amongst political parties of the need to build more homes - this makes perfect sense. However, we need political parties to catch up with public opinion and also give priority to bringing empty homes back into use to help young people and others access the housing they need, at a price they can afford.”

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