Half of social landlords are concerned 'to a large extent' about the impact of rising energy costs on their organisation, reveals survey

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17th May 2022 14:12 - Housing

Half of social landlords are concerned 'to a large extent' about the impact of rising energy costs on their organisation: A survey of social landlords has revealed the extent to which they are concerned about the rising cost of living and the impact on their organisation, with half of those polled revealing they are concerned 'to a large extent'. In addition, more than a third of respondents (36%) said they are concerned 'to some extent', while 10% answered 'to a limited extent'. Just 3.8% of respondents said they were concerned 'to a very limited extent'. 

The Inside Housing survey, in association with Inenco, polled 105 people working in social housing, three quarters of whom (78%) are employed by a housing association. 

The research revealed that more than a quarter of landlords polled have increased their rent or service charges due to the inflated energy costs it is having to absorb (26%), with 13% who have not yet raised rents or charges expecting to do so within the next six months. Three in 10 said that they expect to see their organisation raise costs within six months to a year out of necessity, while 31% said they do not expect to see costs raised for the 'foreseeable future'. 

Respondents were asked if their organisation has forecast how much their energy bills might increase over the next 12 months, with more than two-thirds (42%) saying that as of yet, energy price hikes have not resulted in changes to how their organisation gets its energy, or its energy strategy. Almost a fifth (17%) said that they have not yet forecast the increased cost they will be facing as a result of energy price rises.

When asked about how their organisation procures energy, the survey revealed that two-fifths (40%) using renewable energy sources for some of their supplied energy, while almost a quarter (23%) said that they believe their employer will move to renewable sources in the months ahead. 

The research also revealed that almost half of the organisations polled have communicated to staff about energy efficiency and its importance, around the same number sharing that they have offered employees suggestions around how they might reduce their energy consumption.

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