Lack of property images in listings is cause of most concern for house hunters, reveals survey

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25th June 2020 14:33 - Housing

Lack of property images in listings is cause of most concern for house hunters, reveals survey: A survey of home buyers and tenants has revealed insight into the things which cause the most frustration during property searches - with a lack of images coming out on top. 

The survey, conducted for financial services company, Bankrate, polled 2,750 people looking for a property and found that 82% believe presenting fewer than 10 images of the available property is not sharing enough. 

As well as the number of images, the quality of the photos is also key, according to the survey, with three-quarters saying they are put off by poorly taken images.

Following images, a poor description of the property and what it has to offer was the second most frustrating factor, according to the survey, followed by a lack of video footage (79%). Seven out of ten people (70%) cited a lack of a floor plan to show the layout of the property as a concern, while untidy or poorly maintained interiors, substandard written descriptions of the property, and a sense that the property was put on the market at an inflated price, were all pet hates of property hunters. 

Interestingly, it was not only the property itself which stood to put people off, with more than two-fifths saying 'an unkind estate agent' marketing the listing was also a turn off. 

However, perhaps surprisingly, if the property listing featured an image of an overgrown outdoor space, it wouldn't necessarily prevent a sale or rental taking place - just 13% of resondents said it was a dealbreaker. 

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