Market Research Uncovers Top Rated Dream Locations in the UK

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15th March 2013 15:32 - Housing


A survey covering 3,500 homeowners across the UK by has discovered the top voted regions that Britons would choose to live in.

The South West has been crowned by the majority of respondents (30%) as their dream location for its outstanding coastline and quintessential English villages.

Coming in a close second, the South East was voted top by 25% of surveyants, followed by up-market areas of London such Mayfair, Chelsea and Kensington.

In contrast, the North East was the least popular place to live in Britain, with only 1% of respondents claiming they would like to live there.

Further survey findings were that in an ideal world, most Britons choose to live in a rural village, country town or seaside location. Respondents also voted for Victorian and Edwardian homes as the most desirable properties, with a multi-car garage and walk-in wardrobes also prominent on the wish list.

Nevertheless, it was revealed that living in the perfect house is second in priority for the majority of people – 57% of those polled said that anti-social neighbours would put them off buying a home.

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