Survey: 25 Per Cent Of Americans Believe The Government Should Assist Those Who Cannot Pay Their Mortgage

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25th February 2014 13:22 - Housing

A recent survey of 610 U.S. adult homeowners shows a quarter (25%) believe the government should assist those who can’t make their mortgage payments. Just five percent of U.S. homeowners admit to missing or being late on a mortgage payment in the last six months, but the majority (93%) have not missed or been late on a payment, up slightly from 91 per cent in December 2013.

Findings also suggest that five per cent think it is at least somewhat likely that they will miss or be late with a payment in the next six months - the lowest finding since Rasmussen Reports started regularly tracking the question in 2010. These findings include two per cent who are very likely to miss a mortgage payment and three-fifths (61%) who are not likely to do so.

Among respondents, three fifths (58%) believe that if someone cannot afford to make increased mortgage payments that person should sell the home and find a less expensive one. A quarter (25%), however, believe that the government should assist those who cannot afford to make increased mortgage payments.

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