Survey Discovers Top Trick or Treating Locations in Britain this Halloween

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26th October 2012 15:59 - Housing


Property website has conducted market research which uncovers the best places to go trick or treating this Halloween.

The Trick or Treat Index ranked towns and cities across the nation by a combination of factors that are key to a successful Halloween night - these included crime, property values, density of households and road safety.

The research results saw Cambridge crowned as top trick or treating town in Britain, since it has a high density of wealthy homeowners mixed with low crime and a low volume of road traffic accidents.

Voted in at a close second was Norwich, followed by London in third place – both have a high density of homes and high property values. The  top three trick or treating hotspots in London alone are Barnet, Bromley and Wandsworth.

On the other end of the scale, the least favourable places in the UK this Halloween for sweet hunters were found to be Oldham, Middlesbrough and Colchester, due to having a combination of low population density, low property values, higher crime rates and a greater number of road traffic accident figures.

In addition to the Trick of Treat Index, Zoopla also conducted a survey amongst house hunters to discover of they would be discouraged from buying a house if they were told it was haunted. A total of 59% of the respondents said they would not buy a home that was known to be haunted, one in four (25%) said it would make no difference and one in ten (10%) claimed finding out about a haunted house would encourage them to view it.

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