Survey finds councils worry about Government housing reforms

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5th April 2016 17:27 - Housing

A recent survey by the Local Government Association has revealed that councils worry that the Government’s housing policies will result in a spike in homelessness and lengthy waits on housing lists.Survey finds councils worry about Government housing reforms

The survey also discovered that 90 per cent of councils said that the reforms, such as extending Right to Buy, Pay to Stay and cuts to social housing rents, will result in a decrease in the amount of council homes in their local area in the next four year, by 2020.

Of the councils in the survey, 78 per cent believe that the reforms will consequently lead to an increase in homelessness. As well as this 80 per cent feel that there will be an increase in the demand for short-term accommodation in their area by the end of this decade.

81 per cent of the respondents said that the waiting lists for their local council will increase as a result.

According to 82 per cent of the respondents, investment in regeneration and estate development will increase by 2020. A further 58 per cent said that housing benefit spending will increase as a result of more people being forced to rent privately.

The Local Government Association wants councils to keep 100 per cent of receipts from any council homes they sell. As well as this, they want more flexibilities in the replacement of homes bought through the Right to Buy scheme.

Spokesman for the Local Government Association Housing, Councillor Peter Box, said of the topic:

‘New homes are badly-needed and we will only see a genuine end to our housing crisis if councils are given the powers to get on with the job of building them too.’

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