Survey finds family households to be the most common

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28th June 2016 11:51 - Housing

A recent survey has found that households in the private rental sector are most commonly rented out to families.Survey finds family households to be the most common

The study, carried out by the National Landlords Association, reports that family households now take the lion’s share at 48% when it comes to landlords renting out their properties. In fact they have now overtaken the past front runners of young couples, who now stand at 47% in the private rental market.

The research has demonstrated a slight alteration in the last four years where young single individuals took the majority at 53%, with young couples and families with children in joint second position; both at 51%.

Around 5 million households in the UK are now attributed to the private rental market with the number of families renting in this sector increasing by 30% in the last ten years.

The findings from the survey also highlighted that for many families privately rented properties are now considered to be a stable choice. 76% of families stated that they were satisfied with their tenancy duration, resulting in 79% stating that when their initial fixed tenancy agreement ended their contract was once again renewed for a similar amount of time.

These figures quash the current idea that renting inhibits individuals building their own family life with 60% of the families surveyed reporting they believed this not to be the case. Nearly 80% felt their rented property felt like home and around 65% of families revealed they were free to decorate their homes to their own personal tastes.

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