Christmas adverts are most viewed online, survey finds

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20th November 2014 15:57 - Information Technology

Christmas adverts are now viewed first online rather than on TV, a survey by Netmums has shown. The annual Christmas Advertising Report has revealed that 2 in 5 (40%) mums first watched this year’s seasonal adverts online, as opposed to 14% who watched them on TV.

The survey of 2,000 mothers found an increase of 33% in online Christmas advert viewing, since 2012.

Of the respondents, over 3 in 10 (36%) claimed to have re-watched Christmas adverts on video websites such as YouTube. As well as this, 4 in 10 (41%) admitted to posting about adverts on social media.

It was found in the study that 59% of parents’ favourite advert was retailer, john Lewis' Monty the Penguin. Compared to last year, it was favoured considerably more as the store’s 2013 Bear and Hare advert only received 31% of family’s votes.

Second in this year’s Christmas advert survey was Marks & Spencer’s ‘Two Fairies’ ad campaign, which received 15% of votes.

The top rated Christmas adverts are:

1. John Lewis

2. M&S

3. Sainsbury’s

4. Aldi

5. Lidl

6. Boots

7. Argos

8. Debenhams

9. Waitrose

10. Tesco

11. Asda

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