Recruitment on the rise this year, LinkedIn survey finds

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21st November 2014 15:14 - Professional Services

There has been a sharp rise in companies in the UK anticipating recruiting both permanent employees and contractors in the coming year, a survey by LinkedIn finds.

Of the 400 recruitment professionals surveyed, the number of employers expecting a rise in the number of permanent workers and contractors they employ has raised from 42 per cent in 2013 to 65 per cent this year.

In contrast with 2013’s 28 per cent, it can be seen that over 2 in 5 employers (41 per cent) expect their recruitment budget to increase this coming year.

Of UK employers, nearly 3 in 5 (57 per cent) are now placing a focus on passive talent (people who are not actively looking for new employment). In comparison with other countries, this is relatively low. In China, 3 in 5 employers (61 per cent) focus on passive talent and India 7 in 10 (69 per cent).

Nearly 2 in 5 (38 per cent) of UK recruiters also claim to have noticed an increase in applicants using mobile technology to apply for roles. This is double the amount of 2013.

As a result of this, nearly 67 per cent of businesses are placing more monetary backing on mobile recruitment as well as 70 per cent planning to re-develop and enhance their career pages for mobile.

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