87% of Scottish survey respondents in favour of fireworks ban to the public, reveals survey

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5th November 2019 14:34 - Public Consultation

87% of Scottish survey respondents in favour of fireworks ban to the public: A Government consultation to collect public opinion around the use and regulation of fireworks in Scotland has found that 87% are in favour of a fireworks ban to the public. It also found that seven in ten respondents (70%) have been affected by fireworks being used in an inappropriate or unsafe manner.

The public consultation involved online surveys as well as events held across Scotland and social media interactions, with over 16,000 responses in total. 

The research also found that 94% of individuals polled felt that there should be tighter controls implemented when it comes to the sale of fireworks to the public. This percentage was higher than it was amongst the organisations polled - with more than three-quarters saying the same (78%). 

Respondents had major concerns over the welfare of animals when it came to the use of fireworks with 93% saying they believe more controls should be introduced to ensure animals are not 'caused unnecessary suffering because of the use of fireworks'. This fell to 80% amongst the organisations polled. 

Interestingly, more than half the respondents polled (51%) said they did not attend fireworks events at all, while a quarter (25%) said they attended large-scale events with more than 500 spectators. Less than a fifth (16%) said they attend smaller, locally organised fireworks displays, while just 5% host the event themselves or attend other small, private events. 

When asked if fireworks were an important part of a celebration for them, just 16% of the individuals polled said that they were, compared to 42% of organisations.

MSP and Community Safety Minister, Ash Denham, said:

“The results of both our public consultation and national survey demonstrate overwhelming public support for a change in how fireworks are sold and used in Scotland."

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