Almost two-thirds of Brits against the UK becoming a republic following Duke and Duchess of Sussex interview, finds poll

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11th March 2021 14:10 - Public Consultation

Almost two-thirds of Brits against the UK becoming a republic following Duke and Duchess of Sussex interview: A survey following the Oprah Winfrey interview of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex has found that 65% of Brits do not think that it's time for the UK to move forward without a monarchy, with just over a fifth (22%) in favour of it becoming a republic.

The survey, conducted by, polled more than 5,000 people following the interview, finding that 13% were undecided on the matter.

In the interview, allegations were made by the couple that an unamed member of the royal family had raised 'concerns' about how dark their son, Archie's, skin might be, as well as claims that mental health support was denied for the Duchess when she approached palace officials for help.

It has since been clarified that it was not the Queen or Prince Philip who made the alleged comment.

The survey revealed that the claims made by Meghan and Harry have not changed the majority of peoples' perceptions of the Royal Family, with two-thirds saying their opinion is the same as it was before the interview. Just over a fifth (21%) said their opinion has changed following the interview, while 13% were undecided.

The survey also asked respondents to rank their favourite Royals, with two-fifths (39%) selecting the Queen, who was top in the popularity chart. In second was Prince Harry alongside Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, both receiving 13% of the vote, while in third was the Duke of Cambridge, William (12%). The fourth most popular royal was the Queen's daughter, Anne (7%), followed by Meghan (5%) and then Prince Charles (4%). Prince Philip was selected by 3% of respondents, followed by Sophie Wessex (2%), Andrew (1%) and Edward (1%).

The Oprah Interview

Asked whether they feel more sympathy for Meghan and Harry following the interview, three-fifths (61%) said 'no' they don't, while three in 10 said they do (29%). One in 10 said the interview had not changed their opinion at all.

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