Annual Survey Uncovers Latest Consumer Media Trends

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3rd May 2012 16:58 - Public Consultation

The annual Digital Entertainment Survey commissioned by law firm Wiggin has revealed some interesting trends in media consumption.

Of the 2,500 Britons who took part, 60% watch TV live when it's scheduled, although this is most prevalent among the over-55s at 79%.

Social networking is now almost as popular as live TV, with 46% of the population using Sky or another PayTV service.

The study also found that public watching habits are changing - nearly 4 in 10 viewers surf the Internet on another device while they watch telly, with 29% keeping up to date with social networking on a second screen while the main TV is on. This gives rise to the idea that TV is becoming relegated to being moving wallpaper.

When it comes to tablets (otherwise called ‘fondleslabs’), the survey discovered a failure of manufacturers to establish a readily understandable market for the device which has prevented it from mass uptake – 42% of respondents said tablets are still too pricey and 27% are waiting for the cost to drop, while 33% claim they prefer their laptop and 27% simply don't see the need for the device.

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