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11th February 2011 11:21 - Public Consultation

BBC Lab UK has commissioned a new study to discover whether the British public believes the three-tier class system is still alive and well.

Editor of BBC Lab UK, Richard Cable, commented, “Class has long been something of a national obsession. The traditional language of class still pervades public affairs and continues to influence our opportunities in life. This project takes BBC Lab UK into new areas of research and we hope that with the help of the British public we’ll deliver a more meaningful understanding of class that’s fit for the 21st century.”

People will be encouraged to submit their opinions for The Great British Class Survey at

They will be asked questions related to economic, social and cultural topics. On completion, they’ll receive a report showing what their scores were and can compare themselves with the rest of the population. The final results will be unveiled in a BBC 2 documentary which will air later this year.

The research project has been designed by two British sociologists from the University of York and University of Manchester. BBC Lab is also working with digital agency Pancentric Digital to conduct the online study.

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