Global Market Research Survey Finds Worldwide Corruption Increasing

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10th July 2013 11:10 - Public Consultation

Market research by Transparency International has found that around the world, more than one in two people feel that corruption is becoming more of an issue. The Global Corruption Barometer, which asked the views of 114,000 people across 107 countries, reported that more than a quarter (27%) of respondents had paid a bribe to access public institutions and or services in the last twelve months and  this rate rockets in some countries to over 4 in 5.

For instance, in Sierra Leone, 84% of people said they had paid a bribe in the last year, in Liberia 75%, Yemen 74% and Kenya 70%. In fact, seven of the nine countries with the highest reported bribery rate were in sub-saharan Africa. In contrast, Denmark, Finland, Japan and Australia all reported a bribery rate of less than one per cent.

Some of the trends in unearthed in Transparency International’s report are more surprising than others:

  • You are twice as likely to need to pay a bribe in a poorer country as in a richer one.
  • In a third of countries, the police are the institution cited as most likely to take bribes.
  • In a fifth of countries, the judiciary are the institution cited as most likely to take bribes.

The map below shows the percnetage of people in each country for which data is available who have had to give bribes in the last 12 months.

 Global Corruption Market Research Findings Map 

Generally, however, it is political parties who are considered the most corrupt institutions. This is due to the fact that many people felt personal connections and personal relationships were a cause of corruption – not simply back handed pay offs and shady business dealings. Indeed, almost two thirds of respondents said they felt personal associations were what got things done in the public sector, with half saying that their government was run either completely or in part by ‘special interest’ groups.

This is as true of people in more developed nations as it is in the underdeveloped world – people in the US and the United Kingdom both believed corruption was growing, although in the UK political parties were behind the media in terms of the most corrupt institutions.

Across the globe, there are some areas where people felt corruption had lessened in the last two years – for instance Cambodia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Sudan and South Sudan.

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