Half of 18 to 24-year-olds believe their employer views them as 'disposable', according to poll

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22nd July 2021 16:15 - Public Consultation

Half of 18 to 24-year-olds believe their employer views them as 'disposable': A survey of young people in the UK aged 18-24 years has found than 50% believe their boss views them as a disposable member of the workforce, or a temporary resource. The research also found that more than half (56%) have considered leaving their job because of an unhappy work environment.

The Quinyx’s State of the Deskless Workforce report polled 1,500 'deskless' young people in the UK as part of a wider international study. Respondents worked in roles ranging from supermarket workers and warehouse operatives to hospitality roles, with the intention of exploring their attitudes and habits. 

Nearly half the respondents polled (48%) said they have gone into work even when they felt ill because they cannot afford to go without pay, whilst 55% said they were going without personal time because of work commitments. More than half the young people polled (53%) also revealed that they have missed out on celebrations or social events due to work commitments. Despite this, a third of respondents reported feeling undervalued by their employer.

When compared to other countries who took part in the study, the data revealed that the UK ranked third behind Germany and Australia when it came to employers offering training or additional educational resources for employees. Two-fifths of UK respondents said their employer has offered them further training (41%), while 45% reported the same in Australia and 49% in Germany.

Looking at career progression, the research found that three in 10 young people are given specific targets they must reach in order to be considered for a promotion (30%), with similar findings in Sweden (31%) and Germany (32%). The US came top in this area (35%), whereas Denmark was found to be significantly lower (17%).

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