Halloween Ranks Second Most Popular Family Celebration in UK

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22nd June 2012 13:31 - Public Consultation

Woolworths.co.uk has carried out a poll of 2,000 parents to discover the party habits of British families - it found that Halloween is now the second most popular family festivity, beat only by Christmas.

Nearly two-thirds of UK children are set to take to the streets around October 31 for an evening of 'trick or treating', resulting in approximately 24,900,000 doors being knocked on.

In addition, more than one in three families will celebrate the spooky season by throwing a party this year.

Despite the ailing economy affecting households and increased costs, parents are currently planning to spend more than £100 on Halloween parties for their kids.

While a typical family will spend an average of £73 for food and decorations for each party that they throw during the year, they are willing to spending an extra £42 on ghoulish items such as sweets for 'trick or treaters', fancy dress costumes and other accessories.

This year Woolworths.co.uk predicts the superhero theme to be the most popular choice of Halloween costume, following the blockbuster popularity of Green Lantern, Captain America and X Men: First Class. Batman costumes are also expected to be particularly popular in anticipation of the upcoming cinema release of Dark Knight Rises.

Halloween is now worth £280million in Britain alone.

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