Jews in Britain do not see a future in the country, research finds

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14th January 2015 13:37 - Public Consultation

Over 50 per cent of Jewish people in Britain feel that their religion holds no future in the UK, a recent survey commissioned by the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) has discovered.

The survey has also revealed that anti-Semitic beliefs are becoming more prominent than is widely acknowledged.

Thestudy uncovered that 25 per cent of Jewish residents in Britain were considering moving their family to another country.  As a result, campaigners claimed that Britain is at a “tipping point”.

Perhaps fuelling the desire to leave the country, 45 per cent considered their family to be at risk of an attack by Islamist extremists.

Findings from Campaign Against Antisemitism’s researchhas highlighted that 45 per cent of British people agreed with a quarter of the anti-Semitic views, which were put to them.

Of the respondents, approximately a quarter believed that “Jews chase money more than other British people” and one fifth agreed that “Jews’ loyalty to Israel makes them less loyal to Britain than other British people”.

As well as this, over one in ten (13 per cent) agreed with the statement: “Jews talk about the Holocaust too much in order to get sympathy”.

The Community Security Trust, who monitors hate crime against the Jewish religion, and secures buildings and Jewish places of worship, saw a 36 per cent increase in attacks of an anti-Semitic nature in the first half of last year (2014).

In July of 2014, The Community Security Trust also recorded London’s largest amount of hate crime, some 90 per cent of which were against the Jewish religion.

Next month (February 2015) figures will be published, anticipating an increase in hate-crime, which continued into the second half of 2014. This is expected to set a new record.

Last year, Jewish Labour MP, Luciana Berger found herself at the centre of an anti-Semitic campaign of hate, when a neo-Nazi group started an online hate campaign against her.

An alternative study by the Campaign Against Antisemitism, of over 2,200 Jewish people in Britain, revealed that over 50 per cent of Jewish people in Britain have witnessed an increased rate on anti-Semitism over the last two years, as opposed to any amount they have previously witnessed.

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