Just half of Australians know their neighbours, survey reveals

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26th June 2015 17:57 - Public Consultation

A recent survey has revealed that only half of Australians would recognise their neighbour on the street. As well as this, just 18 per cent are friends with their neighbours on Facebook and only 52 per cent said that they would invite their neighbour over to their house.

The survey found that New South Wales was slightly friendlier towards their neighbours, with 56 per cent of residents saying that they would recognise them in the street and 59 per cent saying that they would invite them to their home.

Of the respondents in New South Wales, 75 per cent said that they had spoken to their neighbours in the last week, as opposed to the lower national percentage of 66 per cent.

Victoria had a slightly lower average than that of the whole of Australia, with just 61 per cent saying that they had spoken to their neighbour in the last week.

The researcher questioned 1,000 people on behalf of Nabo - a social network for communities - and found that despite being distant with their neighbours, Australians intend to improve their relationships with them.

The survey also found that 63 per cent of millennials wish they knew their neighbours better, as opposed to 52 per cent of generation X.

Founder and CEO of Nabo, Adam Rigby, said that the results suggest that Australians have a latent desire to communicate better with their neighbourhoods.

He added: "We are disconnected for so many reasons and the big one that came out of the research was housing prices and housing affordability."

Of the respondents, 80 per cent said that they had chosen their home based on what they could afford, meaning that many people don’t actually like the neighbourhood they’ve ended up in.

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