Less Than 50% Of British 18-24 Year Olds Know First Verse Of National Anthem

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20th June 2014 12:39 - Public Consultation

According to a recent survey over two fifths (43%) of 18-24 year olds in Britain do not know the first verse of the national anthem, with less than half (44%) in the know and 13% unsure.

Heading into this year’s World Cup Roy Hodgson insisted all of the England players must sing the national anthem – 64% of respondents supported this statement.

Overall, almost seven in 10 (68%) British respondents said they could sing the first verse off by heart, with just over one quarter (26%) saying they couldn’t.

The number of people who could recite the first verse of the national anthem off by heart increased with age:

Age Can sing the first verse Can't sing the first verse
18-24 44% 43%
25-39 50% 41%
40-59 73% 23%
60+ 89% 10%

Politically, participants who voted for UKIP were most likely to know the first verse (85%), followed closely by Conservative Party supporters (82%), with Labour and Liberal Democrat voters a fairly distant joint third (66%).

In total, more than seven in 10 (72%) said they had sung the national anthem at some point in their life, with 15% admitting they had never sung it.

The number of people who had never sung the national anthem decreased with age, with just 4% of people aged 60+ conceding they had never sung it:

Age Have sung it Never sung it
18-24 52% 28%
25-39 60% 23%
40-59 74% 14%
60+ 86% 4%

This research was done by YouGov.

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