Majority of Brits aged Over 50 Want Their Funeral to be a Celebration, Survey Finds

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15th September 2014 12:07 - Public Consultation

According to recent research, the majority of Britons aged over 50 like the idea of a funeral being a celebration of their life as opposed to the traditional, more solemn, ceremony.

Almost seven in 10 (68%) preferred the idea of their funeral being more of a celebration, with this figure rising to more than three quarters (76%) for women aged 50 to 64.

Around two thirds (64%) of Brits aged 50+ said they are happy to talk about the type of funeral they desire , however, 13% of 75+ year-olds said they found this type of subject awkward to discuss. Collectively, one fifth (21%) said they wouldn’t want to talk about their funeral arrangements because it is a private matter.

The average cost of a basic funeral in the UK currently stands at £3,609, with the market forecast to be worth over £2billion in 2014 - up half a billion from 2009’s figure (£1.5billion).

Furthermore, one third of the Britons included in Mintel’s survey said they had been solely or mainly responsible for organising a funeral in the last 10 years, with around one sixth (17%) having helped out or given advice. However, more than half (53%) have not been involved in any aspect of a funeral arrangement in the past 10 years.

Six in 10 (60%) Brits aged 50+ said they had prepared a will for when they pass away, with this sum rising to almost eight in 10 (78%) for participants aged 75+.

Around one fifth (17%) of the study’s participants said they had not taken any steps to prepare for their funeral, compared to the one quarter (26%) who have put four or more steps in place, and the one sixth (16%) who have a written set of funeral arrangements in place.

When it comes to financing their funeral, half (49%) of the survey’s respondents said all or part of the cost of their funeral would be met from the value of their estate. Three in 10 (30%) said they had set aside savings with their funeral in mind, and more than one quarter (28%) said they have a whole-of-life insurance plan that will cover the costs of their funeral.

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