Market Research Finds Britons Prefer Texts and Printed Vouchers to Mobile Web

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22nd June 2012 13:10 - Public Consultation

According to new market research by the Direct Marketing Association, UK consumers prefer receiving promotions by text message instead of mobile web.

In total, 38% of the consumers who took part in the study like text promotions compared to a mere15% that favour mobile web

The research also found that when it comes to redeeming promotions, 71% of customers prefer printed vouchers, in contrast to 16% who enjoy the mobile method.

Chair of the DMA's Mobile Marketing Council, Mark Brill, concluded that the lack of mobile promotion uptake is down to trust and poor user experience: “People are still unsure whether retailers will accept a mobile voucher, whereas you know if you have a printed voucher they will take it. Also you often have to hand over your phone to redeem a mobile voucher which you’re not always happy to do.”

He also said that brands and retailers need to improve the way mobile vouchers work so they can deliver a seamless and user-friendly customer experience which will move consumers away from their preference for the printed version.

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