Market Research Measures the New Years Resolutions of Britons

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19th January 2012 15:32 - Public Consultation

A New Year's Resolution Survey by flower retailer Interflora has revealed the aspirations of the British public in 2012.

Surprisingly, the market research showed that many Britons would rather cut down or give up chocolate rather than let go of their smoking habit.

In total, 9% of those surveyed claimed that quitting smoking was their New Year's resolution, while 10% said that cutting back or cutting out on their chocolate intake is their main priority.

The overall top resolutions for Britons in 2012 is losing weight (47%) and saving money (35%).

In addition, with the London Olympics on the horizon, 43% of the respondents are resolving to get fitter, 45% say healthier eating is high on their priority list and 9% have said cutting down on drinking is key this year.

Nevertheless, there is doubt as to how long people will keep up with their New Year promises – a mere 33% are confident of staying on track with their resolutions throughout 2012,  while 56% were unsure and a cheeky 11% plainly admitted that they thought their resolve would soon weaken.

According to 61% of respondents who broke their resolutions last year, it was lack of willpower that broke their resolve, and 44% claimed they simply couldn't resist temptation. 

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