Market Research Reveals Happiest Times of Life For Britons

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1st October 2012 11:09 - Public Consultation

A recent survey of 2,000 people by the sweet brand Juicy Drop Pop has discovered the exact ages when we are most likely to prioritise fun.

Two thirds of those aged 68 revealed that having fun is one of their most important driving forces in life.  Four-fifths of those aged nine shared this view, more than any other age surveyed.

Of the children surveyed, 47% would vote their grandparents as the members of the family who are most fun.  This seems to be spot on, as two out of 10 of those aged 60 and above claimed their ideal holiday would be action-packed and full of adventure.

On the other hand, 72% of people between the ages of 20 and 40 revealed that paying debts and furthering their careers is more important than having fun.  Almost 75% claimed that they are restricted from being as impulsive as they would like by financial pressures and work, along with family commitments.

Psychologist Susan Quilliam said, ‘The carefree attitude that the nine and 68-year-olds share is something that many in-between those ages strive for, but they’re restricted by social constraints as well as the pursuit of personal goals.’

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