Market Research Suggests Dogs Are Womans Best Friend

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11th February 2012 16:09 - Public Consultation

A survey by new website indicates that women value their dogs over their partners – 60% of female pet owners admitted they talk mostly about their beloved canine to friends and colleagues instead of about their husbands or children.  

In addition, the study found that 70% of women regard their pet as one of the family compared to 51% of males, while 52% of females feel at their most confident meeting people when out with their dog.

The importance of dogs in the lives of women has even given rise to the trend of ‘petnetting’, where 20% of female respondents are interested in chatting to others pet owners online and 36% browse the Internet for pet health advice.

Psychologist Dr Ceri Parsons commented: "Dogs offer women unconditional love that is less complicated than their other personal relationships. They have the ability to make individuals feel loved on a ‘no strings attached’ basis and they reward us with behaviour, such as greeting us at the door after a long day at work, that we experience as unquestioning love and loyalty. Sharing stories about our pets allows us to validate our experiences of unqualified love and ensures the dog remains woman’s best friend."

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