More than half Brits polled say that their job impacts their overall happiness 'a lot'

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27th February 2020 23:20 - Public Consultation

More than half Brits polled say that their job impacts their overall happiness 'a lot': A survey asking people the extent to which their overall happiness is impacted by their job has found that 54% believe it to be 'a lot'. A third (33%) said it does 'a little', while 7% said it didn't impact their happiness at all. 

The YouGov survey polled 1,150 UK workers, also asking them about how meaningful they found their current role. It found that more than a quarter of respondents feel their job lacks meaning, (9% stating it was 'not meaningful at all' and 17% believing it 'not very meaningful). Forty-five percent believe their employment is 'fairly meaningful', with 26% considering it 'very meaningful'. 

A third of people working in the private sector said their job is not meaningful, compared to 17% of public sector workers and 11% of those in the third sector.

According to the research, male workers working in the private sector and engaged in casual, low-grade or manual work feel their job lacked meaning the most. 

Looking at male and female workers, women were revealed to care most about their paid work being meaningful with 51% saying that it is 'very important' compared to 38% of male workers. 

The survey found that one in seven male workers don't think that having a meaningful job is important (15%) compared to 6% of females. And 44% of male respondents think it is 'somewhat important' compared to 41% of female workers. . 

The survey also revealed differences between those in ABC1 roles and those in C2DE roles, with 59% of ABC1 workers saying their job impacted their overall happiness ‘a lot', compared to 46% of C2DE workers. A third (33%) of ABC1 workers said it impacted 'a little' (compared to 40% of C2DE employees), while 7% said it has no impact at all (compared to 11% of C2DE workers). 

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