National ONS Survey Unveils Happiest and Unhappiest People in Britain

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22nd June 2012 12:51 - Public Consultation

A survey of 80,000 Britons by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed the demographics for who is most and least happy across the nation.

In total, it found that middle aged men who live in London or the West Midlands are the unhappiest people in the UK. Generally, all people living in these areas also value the worth of what they do with their lives less than people in other regions.

Conversely, the happiest place in the UK, also measured as the area with the highest levels of life satisfaction and feelings of worth, is Northern Ireland.

The national study further discovered that males aged between 45 and 49 are the least satisfied with life. On the opposite side of the spectrum, pensioners (aged between 65 and 80) have been measured as the most satisfied, closely followed by teenagers between the age of 16 and 19.

The ONS research also revealed that when it comes to outlook on life, women routinely place a higher worth on the things they do in their lives than men do.

Additionally, women were found to be happier than men in most age groups, although once men reach the age of 65, they were seen to become slightly happier than women.

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