New Research Findings Suggest Curvy Women Are The Happiest

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29th October 2013 10:25 - Public Consultation

New research carried out by has revealed that size 16 women are the happiest and most comfortable in their own skin. In the poll of 2,000 women the research found that seventy four per cent are happy with their appearance which is almost twice as many of those who are a size six.

In fact, it would seem that size six women would actually like to be curvier, with almost half (49%) of those whose weight has fluctuated saying they were at their happiest with a fuller and curvier body. With fifty two per cent of size six women saying that they would like to be curvier the study suggests that the mantra ‘being thin is the path to happiness’ is out of date and old fashioned. The study goes on to say that size six ladies are often envious of those with curves with thirty five per cent wishing for a fuller figure because it’s considered sexier. They also think curves would make clothes look more flattering with twenty four per cent saying it would in fact improve their body confidence. To back this up women taking part in the study reveal that they would most like to look like celebrity chef Nigella Lawson or pop star Beyonce. Other curvy celebrities women would most like to have the figure of include, Kim Kardashian, Christina Hendricks and pop star Adele.

The findings suggest that women who are a size 16-18 have a more positive frame of mind when it comes to their appearance. Furthermore the study goes on to state reasons why happiness is a size 16, with sixty per cent saying they feel more comfortable in clothes, forty six per cent saying they have improved body confidence, forty three per cent saying they look and feel good, thirty eight per cent stating they feel comfortable in their own skin and a further twenty per cent saying happiness comes from compliments from friends and family. In comparison, only fifty nine per cent of women sized 6-10 say they are happy with their appearance and are much more critical of their looks.

Gary Kibble, Retail Brand Director at, said:

'It's great to see curvier real women are feeling empowered to embrace their body shape and feel good too. We've seen full-figured celebrities are confidently gracing the red carpet. Meanwhile the media have been commending the likes of Nigella and Kim Kardashian for their curvaceous silhouettes’.

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