New Research Highlights Blurred Lines Between Work And Personal Time

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25th October 2013 11:46 - Public Consultation

In a recent study carried out by Ipsos and Pullman, findings showed that Brits are finding it more and more difficult to switch off while on holiday. In the poll a massive eighty six per cent admit to taking a work mobile phone away with them. The survey also revealed that seventy three per cent of British holiday makers said their work extended into holiday time with forty per cent going as far as taking their laptops away with them. Nine out of ten also admitted to working, checking or sending business emails in the evening with forty per cent checking emails in bed before going to sleep at night.

Over half (62%) believe the lines get blurred between business and leisure because their role comprises a high level of involvement. Furthermore, a significant amount believe that working during personal hours was necessary to succeed in their role. Justifications also included wanting to show commitment (28%) – and fourteen per cent justified it by saying everyone at work did it.

Research which was published earlier this year showed a third of employers would be prepared to cancel an employee’s holiday purely for business reasons with the line between an individuals’ professional and personal lives becoming increasingly blurred.

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