New Survey Sheds Light on UK Women

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31st March 2011 15:43 - Public Consultation

A survey which took place across university campuses around the UK has shown that body image is an issue for females of every age, with a third of women saying they would trade at least a year of their life to achieve their ideal body shape and weight.

Research demonstrates that 93% of women confessed to having negative thoughts about their body in the last week. On average, women said they wanted to lose more than a stone in weight, with only 3% saying they wanted to gain some.

Of those surveyed 30% would trade at least one year of their life for their perfect shape, 10% would trade two to five years and 2% would trade six to 10 years. Some said they would even give back 21 years to be their ideal size, while others would sacrifice £5,000 from their annual salary.

A further 7% of women would give up spending time with their family, 9% their friends and 7% said they would even give up their health to achieve their perfect shape.

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