One in six police officers plan to leave their role within two years, survey finds

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3rd August 2015 11:44 - Public Consultation

A recent survey of 32,598 police personnel has discovered that one in six (16 per cent) police officers plan to have left their current role in the One in six police officers plan to leave their role within two years, survey findsforce within two years.

As well as this just 7 per cent said that they feel valued within the police force, although, 8.6 per cent are already looking for a new career.

Of the respondents who said that they were intending to leave the force, 95 per cent said that their reason for considering a career change was due to how police officers are treated. A similar percentage said that low moral within the force was a factor in their decision to leave. As well as this 79 per cent said that their decision was influenced by the belief that there are better career opportunities outside of the police, and 73 per cent said that a the workload played a role in their plans.

The rate of officers expecting to depart the force has increased marginally since last year, when 14 per cent said that they expected to leave the force in the next two years.

The survey was conducted by the Police Federation of England and Wales, who believe that the findings reflect the poor state of morale within the UK police force.

70 per cent of the officers in the survey said that morale was low - a much larger figure than 2014’s 59 per cent.

Of the respondents, less than half (49.5 per cent) said they expect to stay in the police force until they retire.

Just 60 per cent of the officers said that they feel proud to be in the police and 53 per cent said that they are willing to go the extra mile for the force.

Only 7 per cent of the police officers said that their salary is a reflection of the job they do, taking into consideration the strains and stresses of their job, whilst just 10 per cent would recommend a career in the police to others.

Chairman of The Police Federation of England and Wales, Steve White, said of the findings:

“This survey provides extremely strong evidence of the parlous state of officers’ morale across the service.

“This should sound a warning to those who run the service all the way from the Home Office to the College of Policing to the chief officers whose job it is to lead forces through what is an incredibly difficult time for all those in policing.

“Despite the extreme pressures the service is under, it is heartening that the majority of officers state they will still go the extra mile to protect the public from harm and that the police family is very much intact through the support officers provide each other.

“It is imperative that the service works together to mitigate the impact of the budget cuts and to maintain and continue to improve what is the widely recognised as the best police service in the world.”

The survey findings come at a time of strain between the UK Government and rank and file police officers.

The researchers said that the survey sample represents a 28 per cent response rate of its total membership, with members ranking from Police Constable, all the way up to Chief Inspector.

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