Poll Discovers Most Content and Most Unhappy Cities in Britain

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12th January 2012 16:39 - Public Consultation

A recent poll of nearly 2,000 Britons by travel guide company Lonely Planet has uncovered the UK’s most gloomy cities.

The Welsh capital of Cardiff took the sad crown, with 23% of residents there rating themselves as unhappy. Bristolians came a close second at 20%.

This compares to the national average for people feeling reasonably satisfied with their lives, which is currently 15%.

On the opposite end of the unhappy scale, Brighton and Sheffield residents have measured as the most content, with more than a 70% rating. In addition, less than 10% of those living in Brighton rated themselves as being unhappy.

Overall, the nationwide poll showed that 60% of Britons are happy with their lives, with scenery and culture being voted as the best things about living in the UK. And for 18-24-year-olds, the best that the UK has to offer is the music scene.

Those who took part in the study also said that their least favourite aspect of British culture is celebrities, with only 1% rating them an important part of living in Britain.

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